Install Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread CyanogenMod 7 on Motorola Defy

My Motorola Defy has already ran the gingerbread custom ROM called CyanogenMod 7. This ROM has ported to Motorola Defy by "Quarx" at xda-developers. This build is basically usable as a daily with everything. Considering it's still listed as RC1v2, that's not too bad - but it still has some bugs to work out.

Motorola Defy CyanogenMod7 Install Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread CyanogenMod 7 on Motorola Defy
cyanogenmod Install Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread CyanogenMod 7 on Motorola DefyMy Motorola Defy has already ran the gingerbread custom ROM called CyanogenMod 7. This ROM has ported to Motorola Defy by “Quarx” at xda-developers. This build is basically usable as a daily with everything. Considering it’s still listed as RC1v2, that’s not too bad – but it still has some bugs to work out. According to initial, these are the features that currently work on this CyanogenMod 7 build for Motorola Defy:

  • 3D Acceleration
  • Overclock up to 1GHz
  • Adobe flash support
  • Speakerphone
  • FMradio
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • Auto Brightness Control
  • H.264 Video Camera
  • Bluetooth
  • LED
  • GSM / 3G
  • GPS / aGPS
  • SD Card Mount
  • Camera

How to install Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread CyanogenMod 7 on Motorola Defy

Software Requires:

  • RSD Lite [Link].
  • Android froyo.sbf file if your device is Android 2.1 eclair [Link].
  • SuperOneClick v1.7 [Link].
  • CyanogenMod 7 ROM for Motorola Defy from XDA-Developers.
  • Google Apps for the CyanogenMod 7 from

Step for install CyanogenMod 7 on Motorola Defy

If you not need to flash new ROM or your device is Android 2.2 Froyo, you can go to step 5.

  1. [Computer], Install RSD Lite and open it.
  2. [Defy] Power off your phone, then  pressing power button and Volume Up keys.
  3. [Computer], On the RSD Lite you should browse the .sbf file then click start.
  4. Wait until the flash process completed.
  5. [Defy], go to settings -> Applications -> Development -> check the USB debugging.
  6. [Computer], Extract and run SuperOneClick then click Root.
  7. Wait until root process completed.
  8. [Defy], Go to market and install Defy 2ndinit.
  9. Open Defy 2ndinit and install 2ndInit Recovery.
  10. After it succeeds the top LED will green, then go to settings -> Applications -> Development -> uncheck the USB debugging.
  11. Reboot your device 2 time.
  12. [Computer], Copy and to the root of your sd card.
  13. [Defy], Reboot your device, when the blue led lights at Motorola logo, press Volume Down to enter Bootmenu.
  14. Go to “Set Default Bootmode” then select [2ND INIT BOOT].
  15. Go to “[Custom Recovery] start”.
  16. You should to take a backup of the existing ROM using the Backup option.
  17. Select “wipe cache partition” then “wipe data/factory reset”.
  18. Select “install zip from sdcard”, “choose zip from sdcard”, then select “”
  19. Select “choose zip from sdcard” then select “”
  20. Select “+++++Go Back++++++” then “reboot your system now”.

This is benchmark results of the Motorola Defy with CyanogemMod 7.
Benchmark results of Motorola Defy with CyanogenMod7 Install Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread CyanogenMod 7 on Motorola Defy

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62 responses to "Install Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread CyanogenMod 7 on Motorola Defy"

  • gaju says:

    did rooting with this method,, worked fine. but m nt getting any mobile network since then, please help.

    • rocky says:

      run defy baseband from menu then select country india and reboot it

      • Girish Dudhwal says:

        In defy baseband there is no option for india.. what to do plz tel me facing too much network problem after installing cynogen mode 7.1

        • Ronil Ghosliya says:

          I was using FROYO in my DEFY, yesterday night I upgraded it to cm7 and from then my mobile has lost its network signals. I am from India and baseband setting is not showing any option to set it for India. Please mention the complete process to get my signals BACK. :(

    • amal says:

      run defy baseband from menu then select country india and reboot it

  • amal says:

    i ve already got android 2.2 fryo.. is there any need to run RSD LITE and flashing .SBF file,can proceed from step 5 (rooting)?

    • Mobile Geeky says:

      If you completed flash .SBF file, you can process the step 5.

      • amal says:

        i meant that i ve done the official update android 2.2. from motorola.,i havn’t run any .sbf file flashing other than this official update.,(i dont know whether this. .sbf flash done while in official update bcause i did it through Motorola software updater) then i still need to run run RSD LITE AND. SBF FLASH??

        thanks in advance for your help

        • Mobile Geeky says:

          In fact, you can use any official ROM but i not sure that you will completed for upgrade to CM7 because i has upgraded to CM7 on based Android 2.1 official ROM it not work for me, the camera not work as well as GPS too. If you afraid to use other .sbf ROM, you can ignore the step 1-4 and go to step 5.

          If you need to flash .sbf file from link above, you have to download the rsdlite and .sbf file on the Software Requires section. After that click install rsdlite_5.0.msi and extract the JRDNEM U3 3.4.3 33 1 CHINESE SIGN for tempolary folder.

          After rsdlite install completed, double click RSD Lite. then reboot you defy and hold volume up key for enter flashing mode. if you success to enter this mode the mobile screen will show “Bootloader …” (See image) and RSD Lite will show “connected” status (See image), for the first time you should wait a minute for windows detect and install device). But if not showed please restart and hold volume up key again.

          If you completed to enter flashing mode, you just browse the .sbf file and click start for update the firmware.

  • amal says:

    i ve a doubt tooo..about the step 16. will this back option be shown in custom recovery?

  • amal says:

    actually what is the purpose of flashig FROYO.SBF. .is it an unofficial froyo firmware…?

    • Mobile Geeky says:

      This is unofficial ROM, so if you afraid to flashing this ROM, you can go to step 5.

      • Katja says:

        actually I just got Google Apps package ileundcd Google account setup wizard, Gmail, Calendar and Market place but Google account wizard does not have an option to sync Google contact and Android market place keep saying that server down please retry.

  • amal says:

    i successfully installled cm7,but after that my mobile is not recieving any signal from the network…any solution for that??????? or can i restore to official rom froyo 2.2 again from cm7..i ve taken the back up of that old official rom,.if so plz give me the steps to follow

    im in big trouble plz do help

  • amal says:

    if you dont know ,no problem i fixed it……………….

  • blackwind says:

    I’ve followed all the steps and it works ! But now I wonder if it is possible to undo the process to run Froyo.

    • Mobile Geeky says:

      If you have a backup data you can restore the backup file from recovery mode (step 13-15). But if you non’t, you can follow step 1-5.

  • Matson says:

    Txs for the effort of making this super guide!!!, best available guide on the net to make your motorola defy the best!

    one little remark: [Computer], Copy CyanogenMod 7 for Defy and Google Apps to root of your SD card.
    make this, copy and to the root of your sd card.

  • bruno says:

    I’m about to install CM7 on my Defy (which already has Android 2.2) but I’m still somewhat afraid by the potential consequences… Is the process going to affect the ROM only?
    I mean, will my installed applications and personal data (video, music…) survive the installation process??

  • vara prasad says:

    hi bruno,
    It seems nice that u installed CM7 on defy.
    Can u tel one thing installing CM7 on 2.2(froyo) will still retain all my apps and personal data??
    please share ur experience on comapring with old 2.2

  • adr1ano says:

    what exactly is the purpose of step 1 – 5? sorry im new to this. im picking up my brand new defy in an hours time. so can someone explain to me what happens in steps 1-5.

  • Giorgi says:

    I just updated my Defy to CM7, in the beginning it went well, I just could not install market. But the rest was working. after that I tried to go to custom recovery again to try once more to install market but it did not work and now the phone does not switch on at all. it’s starts and gets stacked with Google logo.

    please help me, I cant think of anything now what can help, so may be you know.

    Thanks in advance

    • trolol says:

      its because you forgot to set the default boot to 2ndinit. just flash the stock rom on with RSD Lite

      • paul sheriff says:

        ok how do i add google play have added the file and when it opens it has the sighne in to account but when i press it nothing happens pluss have now lost all my old apps

  • Giorgi says:

    Dear All,

    I recently updated my froyo to this gingerbread and it worked fine, but there one problem, I could not get market. The file I had on SD card was corrupt, I did not know that, so I tried to install it again and again. Once it just did not start up. There was a logo and that was all.

    After searching on internet, I found out that I could flash it. But my phone did not recognize the battery, so I found another way on internet through connecting USB wires directly and and I could get to boot loader.

    I started flashing it with different SBFs, just almost all of them what I could find. And some of them would just give nothing (phone was just black screen) or with some of them Motorola logo starts and that’s all, does not continue anymore.

    I tried now the gingerbread SBF again, as here I read that I can not downgrade, but even that does not work, only motorola logo starts and that all.

    So what can I do now? I tried all SBFs but non of them are working.

    Can you please help me?

    • anti dumb says:

      your phone seems bricked!! any way first do wiping cache and dalvik cache from custom or latest recovery ..try to reeboot still fail?l try to wipe data and cache again and reboot then remove the battery when you get stuck at the moto logo ,and flah above fixed sbf by entering should reboot after this procees if you see again problem wipecache from s stock recovery..this is just my assumption steps to get you back.reply if you succcess

  • Ashish says:

    I Have Install Gingerbread On My Defy And Now I’m Not Able To Download Anything From Andriod Market It’s Say Download Unsuccessfull. Please Solve My Problem.

  • Sujith says:

    I followed all the steps, in currently running stock rom 2.2, rebooted phone from options, got a cyanogen logo with a circle spinning round, its doing this for some time about 10 mins, is this normal…….??

  • Sujith says:

    :( worried now!! Please help………..!

  • Sujith says:

    Waited for few more mins, took the battery out…….. rebooted, and I have CM7…………….. its just tooo good!! Thanks guys!!

  • Sujith says:

    I am unable to add APN’s :-) , tried installing apn manager, but still no go.. help anyone!

  • Bren says:

    Im running Android 2.3.7 for Moto Defy I have tmobile and before I got 3G now with the update shows Edge only please help

  • rahul says:

    can anyone give me right link of Android froyo.sbf file my device is Android 2.1 eclair …..

  • anish says:

    my defy is bootlooping after i installed the 2ndinit. am not able to do anything. please help. an urgent reply would be appreciated. thanks

    • Mobile Geeky says:

      Are you install a CM7? If yes, you should “wipe cache partition” and “wipe data/factory reset” on Custom Recovery.

      • anish says:

        no i havent, but i just rooted my device. was about to install CM7. stuck here badly. tried wiping data but of no help. i see this error about “no cache recovery”

        • anish says:

          can’t mount CACHE: recovery/command
          can’t mount CACHE: recovery/caller
          can’t mount CACHE: recovery/log

          • Mobile Geeky says:

            You may be install a new ROM from RSD Lite tool. Just follow the step 1-4 on the “Step for install CyanogenMod 7 on Motorola Defy” section.

          • anish says:

            it says “Android froyo.sbf file if your device is Android 2.1 eclair “, mine is froyo but?

          • Mobile Geeky says:

            This step is a fresh install Android 2.2 as well. Please ignore it.

  • Rouge says:

    After i did step 20 , i rebooted and i can see the green logo with a arrow rounding the android robot. after that nothing happens. What do i do?

    • Mobile Geeky says:

      Wait for initial system. but if it boot looping you should try to “wipe cache partition” then “wipe data/factory reset”.

  • AJO says:

    Thanks for the detailed instructions. I am on CM 7.1 now…

    Mine is a green lens defy and the camera seems to be a bit noisy and is very basic without any settings (I can’t set the resolution, no night mode) . Please advise if something can be done with this.

    Thanks in advance.

  • AK says:

    First of all, Thanx for making this so easy.

    But, all the network issues on installing CM7 .. have originated in India… or is it normal anywhere?

    does the problem gets solved by using basebandswitcher… ??

    thanx in advance..

  • ak47 says:

    Hi Mobile Geeky,
    Thanx for the detailed explanation. Well, I have stock Froyo v 2.2.2 updated from the motorola service center.
    And I have rooted my defy and have installed defy 2ndinit. Have loaded the bootmenu and recovery too.
    Will I have to flash .sbf file to install the CM7. From which step,I will have to start. For your information, I’m from India.

  • Kashif Aziz Awan says:

    Android froyo.sbf file if your device is Android 2.1 eclair [Link].

    Invalid or Deleted File.

    The key you provided for file download was invalid. This is usually caused because the file is no longer stored on Mediafire. This occurs when the file is removed by the originating user or Mediafire.

    If you believe you have reached this page in error, please contact support.
    Click here to view our help resources

    • Stefan says:

      An xda thread with good ovevirew (including a multiupload download link and other useful stuff, e.g. the Google Apps): forum. xda-developers. com/ showthread. php?p=21112743This version is not exactly the same as in the video but there shouldn’t be much different (but because it’s newer it works even better and has less bugs Though, not final still).

  • adolf says:

    did everything
    when i rebooted it got stuck in the red m logo
    wont go in 2ndit recovery menu
    just the stock menu
    pls help!!!!

  • Ravikumar says:


    Everyone let me give the spec of my China Mobile

    mobile : G Tide e9
    model number: A20
    Android version : 2.3.5
    baseband version: mt6573
    kernel version:
    buid number : ALPS.GP.FDD2.MP.V3.9
    custom buid version: E9-GHNEP6-V1.07.120111_1644

    I want to update this phone to 2.3.7 can anybody guide me how to do it. First of all i need to backup my ROM before doing so please send me in detail how to go about.

    Thanks in advance

  • Wladimir says:

    The link is broken… :(

  • paul sheriff says:

    works well cheers looks nice no problems so far

  • paul sheriff says:

    1 thing where are all my old apps now did a back up on computer is this how i add them back

  • paul sheriff says: ok this was the problem never installed it so could not get google play to work or add account all working great now ..but should have backed all my apps but still not hard to re-install this is what i should have done

    First backup your all data, steps for backing up your data-

    Sync your contacts & calendar entries using wifi to your Google account. You can also export your contacts to sdcard.
    Export your sms using “sms backup & restore” apps from market.
    Backup your apps using androzip apps to your sd card
    If you have titanium backup you can backup all your user data, apps, settings to sdcard e.g. apps with all your customise settings and data.
    You will not lose anything if you backup and restore using titanium backup.

  • Bertorules says:

    my defy is currently runinng froyo, so I immruhediatiiely proceed to step 5 (rooted) and installed the latest 2ndinit.
    My problem is when I reboot and hold down the power and down volume the boot option doesn’t show and get stuck on andriod logo/icon.
    Please help.
    Not sure what to do next.

  • bert_0rules says:

    My Defy is currently running on Froyo so I started on step 5 above.
    No problem installing SuperOneClick v1.7.
    Also installed SndInitDefy_2.3.apk (from
    I’ve already copied the and to the SD card root directory.
    The problem is when I boot, it gets stuck in the Adnroid logo and there’s no available boot option.
    I’m not sure what to do next.
    Please help.

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